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Polly@ 6:49pm 03-21-2016
Just to say thanks for the satellite look angle calc sheet and all the info that you put with it. Very helpful indeed. Especially helpful as we move about (camping car), so I have cribbed the calc sheet onto my laptop. Still not entirely comfortable with whatever the different French satellite decoder digi-boxes are all about. But I'm getting there slowly. Your web page has saved me a lot of time, I'm sure.
Many blessings and thanks,
Alexandre Marsolais@ 3:13am 03-13-2013
Great Paper on Antenna Theory
Ann Cambier@ 7:27am 05-26-2012
Love the pictures and you guys! I would struggle without your beady eyes on our house! See you soon. A tres bientot. Ann et Graham
Tim Haller@ 1:59am 12-29-2011
Nice place guys! Thanks and happy holidays.
Michel Granier@ 7:20pm 11-14-2011
Yesterday, sunday, in Clermont Ferrand i met Neill on the Radiomania "party". Neill was interested by some HF components. It was a good opportunity to talk english with him for a while.
Neill, i would like come again on your site to discuss about High frequency and many others items from France.
A bientôt
philippe Tezenas@ 9:28pm 09-23-2011
Nouveau joueur de badminton ...Neill me parlai donc... de ses ânes.
Étant dans le monde du cheval, je serais notamment curieux de faire la connaissance de Titouan et Touran.
Neill Tucker@ 2:32pm 09-01-2011
Merci pour vos commentaires gentils.
Je n'ai pas fait une Antenne qui fabrique le beam par DSP, mais un projet intéressant.
J'espère que vous aller bien vos études.

Ziad Mabrouk@ 3:01pm 08-31-2011
Merci beaucoup. Un site formidable
Sinon avez vous deja realiser une Antenna Array 868 MHz?
je pense à un digital Beaming.
Z. Mabrouk
nurul@ 7:22pm 08-10-2011
Thanks a lot for setting this website.
Tom Greenling@ 12:31am 07-11-2011
Thank you for sharing all the great antenna stuff. Excellent!
Best regards,
Meyrick Stephens@ 2:32pm 04-14-2011
Hi Neill, You've a very interesting website and no doubt your guest house is up to the same high standard. See you around one day.
Regards, Meyrick.
melotte joseph@ 10:37pm 02-24-2011
website which is attracting me.
i will come to it back later.

dsp in radio astronomy is attracting me strongly.

melotte joseph
Marié Brigitte@ 9:47pm 01-11-2011
Bonne année cher amis ainsi qu'à votre petite famille aux grandes oreilles....
Brigitte et JF
Bruce@ 6:15pm 12-30-2010
Very interesting website - wish I had enough time to implement as many projects as you have...
Wendy & Mike Varvell@ 8:42pm 01-13-2010
Hi Neill and Briony

Hope you wont mind us contacting you, but find you may be our nearest English neighbours! We have recently moved full time to our farmhouse in Chambon sur Dolore, just past Fournols, and are busy trying to finish the renovations in order to eventually open up a few rooms as B&B. See you have done just that and would really love to be able to pick your brains about the pros and cons of such a venture. Also it would be lovely to speak English again, never thought I'd say that as we chose this area specifically because there were so few Anglais, b ut finding the long wintry days very long with just our dog and France Bleu d'Auvergne for company!

Mike and Wendy Varvell
La Monnerie
Chambon sur Dolore
73 72 17 80

Hope I'm right in thinking you are at La Visseyre all year?

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